1)表示颜色的有:white, black

  2)表示形态的有:round, square, oval, circular, triangular,level

  3)表示性质和特征的有:atomic, economic, scientific, sonic, golden, silvery, woolen, earthen, silent, full, empty, sure, dead, deaf, blind, lame, rainy

  4)表示状态作表语的有:afraid, asleep, alive, ashamed, alone, aware, alike

  5)表示时间、空间和方位的有:daily, weekly, monthly, annual, present, front, back, forward, backward, east, west, south, north, left, right, final

  6)表示极限、主次、等级的有:maximum, minimum, utmost, main, major, chief minor, superior, inferior, senior, junior, super, favorite

  7)含有绝对概念的有:absolute, entire, whole, total, perfect, excellent, thorough, complete.



  The ideal listener stays both inside and outside the music at the moment it is played and enjoys it almost as much as the composer at the moment he composes.

  大多数情况下平行结构都是具有一定的比较含义的,有的是递进对比not only…but (also) ;prefer…to…;rather than有的是同类对比:and ;but;or;both… and…;either…or…; neither…nor………



  It is better to die one's feet than .

  [A]living on one's knees [B]live on one's knees

  [C]on one's knees [D]to live on one's knees


  Despite the temporary difficulties, the manager prefers increasing the output to decreasing it.


  1)rather than, let alone 虽不是并列连词,但在结构上连接两个语法形式相同的成分。如:

  We are taught that a business letter should be written in a formal style in a personal style.

  [A]rather than [B]other than [C]better than [D]less than


  For the new country to survive, for its people to enjoy prosperity, new economic policies will be required.

  [A] to name a few [B]let alone [C]not to speak [D]let's say



  At times, more care goes into the composition of newspaper and magazine advertisements than into the writing of the features and editorials</p>

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